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Male Purple Emperor Butterfly Sheringham Park

Sheringham Park and the Purple Emperor

Could Sheringham Park be the first Norfolk location for a breeding colony of Purple Emperor Butterflies?

This elusive insect, which flies high in the tree canopy, has been spotted by Park Rangers now for three consecutive years.

This is fabulous news for butterfly watchers and Norfolk as a whole; as before it’s first sighting in 2016, none had been observed for the last 40 years.


Female Purple Emperor Butterfly


The viewing platforms at Sheringham Park are perfect to spot these beautiful butterflies, the second largest in Britain, as the adults feed on honeydew produced by aphids and tree sap high in the tree canopy.

So, with oak trees for courtship displays and mating, sallow trees for egg-laying, and sightings of both male and female Emperors, it looks like Sheringham Park is the place!

Amazing news…explore Sheringham Park for yourself and see if you can spot these lovely butterflies too.


Male Purple Emperor Butterfly Sheringham Park


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