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General Questions

Q: Some of the sections don’t have many listings in them. Why?

A: Here at EnjoyNorthNorfolk we believe in quality over quantity. As such the sections will never be lists of everything and anything in North Norfolk. We try to highlight the unique or special, and if we can’t find anything really special for a particular section, it will remain empty. We are not an all-encompassing directory – they already exist in many forms. We are not interested in listing all things, just great things.

Q: Is EnjoyNorthNorfolk.com affiliated to any other websites? Who actually owns the site?

A: EnjoyNorthNorfolk is an independent resource owned by Norwich-based Company Bishy B Industries Limited. People who were born, bred and live in Norfolk created it and run it. The site is self-funding and is not associated with or linked to any other network or Company (other than sister site EnjoyNorwich.com and other websites of Bishy B Industries Ltd). We believe that this independence offers greater flexibility for our site visitors and better service for the businesses and venues that we feature.

Q: Why aren’t all the listings on EnjoyNorthNorfolk.com in alphabetical order?

A: EnjoyNorthNorfolk is not intended to be a conventional directory, but a source of inspiration and new ideas. If you already knew what you were looking for, EnjoyNorthNorfolk wouldn’t be as valuable to you. We want you to browse our pages and find something new and exciting to do in North Norfolk each time you visit. Order is not as important as content on EnjoyNorthNorfolk as we believe there should be no order to our dreams.

Q: How can I suggest a new venue that I think should be on EnjoyNorthNorfolk.com?

A: While we do our best to add as many lovely places to EnjoyNorthNorfolk as we can, and are always looking out for new and wonderful additions to the site, we are more than grateful for suggestions to help make this resource as useful and complete as possible. If you know a great place to eat, drink, stay, shop, or visit in North Norfolk, please feel free to tell us about it by emailing: contact@enjoynorthnorfolk.com.

Q: How do you decide what to include on EnjoyNorthNorfolk.com?

A: Members of the EnjoyNorthNorfolk Team (or their trusted Family and Friends) have eaten, had drinks, visited, stayed at, shopped at or used all of the products, venues and services featured here before including them on EnjoyNorthNorfolk. We are also open to suggestions from you and will follow up any recommendations diligently. We are committed to an independent editorial policy that will never be compromised in it’s original intent – to inform you of the best establishments in the region and to make your experience in North Norfolk as special as possible.

Q: I love the images used throughout the site? Can I use them on my website?

A: All BBIL material is copyright and must be licensed. If you would like to use any of the images owned by BBIL (including images used throughout the website, images taken for use in feature articles or listings) please contact our Head Office to arrange a licence fee. Further information about the licensing of our images can be found under our T’s & C’s section. The majority of images that you see across this website are by Andrew Kitt at PollyWiggle.