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Captain Fawcett's Barbershop Museum.

Captain Fawcett’s Marvellous Barbershop Museum

Have you paid a visit to ‘West Norfolk’s most curious museum’ yet?

One of Great Britain’s most extraordinary museums has now proudly opened its doors to the public! Housed at Captain Fawcett’s incredible ‘Gentleman’s Emporium’ in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, it is a unique tonsorial treasure trove showcasing superb craftsmanship alongside exceptional antique pieces dating back to the 17th century. A most magnificent tribute to the most noble & ancient art of barbering, it is believed to be the world’s largest collection of its kind.

A keen amateur collector intrigued by tonsorial tales gleaned from local barbershops around the globe, Captain Fawcett sourced an astonishing curiosity cabinet of barbering ephemera until he had amassed enough splendid trinkets and trophies to fill a veritable man-cave of generous proportion. There is something here for everyone, from barbers themselves to students of industrial design, social historians, writers, researchers, photographers, filmmakers and all ladies and gentlemen possessing an air of wit and style.

Determined to share his highly prized collection and ably assisted by his Right Hand Man, the Captain curated a most ‘Marvellous Barbershop Museum’ within his own ‘Gentleman’s Grooming Emporium’, a personal homage to the glories of Tonsorial Art.

Inside Captain Fawcett's Marvellous Barbershop Museum.

The Museum was opened in March 2019 at a sumptuous candle lit extravaganza attended by esteemed guests from around the world who gasped at the astounding stories these splendid objects bring to light.

Wonderfully, the full delectable range of Captain Fawcett’s simply ‘First Class Gentleman’s Grooming Requisites’ are available to both sample and purchase.

Refreshments are available. Both Morning Coffee (Captains Fawcett’s very own) and Afternoon Tea can be served by appointment.

The Marvellous Barbershop Museum is also available to hire for photo-shoots. With a background in the British film industry, Richie Finney (the Captain’s Right Hand Man) has considered the Museum with the judicious eye of a set designer, creating period tableaux which may serve as a unique photo and film location.

Would-be visitors are advised to call the Emporium in advance of visiting the museum (the Museum is located upon the mezzanine of Captain Fawcett’s remarkable HQ situate at the very heart of his international enterprise).

Entry is free.

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