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ProgDog Puppy & Dog Training in North Norfolk.

ProgDog Puppy & Dog Training

Say hello to Jo who runs ProgDog Puppy & Dog Training in our beautiful North Norfolk.

Jo from ProgDog Puppy & Dog Training in North Norfolk.

Dog training is Jo’s passion. She has established her business over the last ten years and is the proud holder of numerous awards and accolades for her expert training, undivided attention and premium level of service, which she offers her clients. Jo understands that every dog is unique and that’s why her personalised approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of both the dog and their human. Jo takes time to understand your specific needs and requirements, priding herself on attention to detail and commitment to exceptional customer service. Let Jo handle the stress of dog ownership, so you can focus on achieving your goals and creating unforgettable memories and a truly bonded relationship with your dog.

Whether you have a puppy eager to learn or a seasoned canine companion, Jo’s training brings out the very best in every dog. From basic obedience commands to advanced skills, Jo will cover it all. In addition to offering a variety of training packages to meet everyone’s needs, Jo provides support in between sessions, detailed and thorough training guides, and plans after every session, as well as advice around nutrition, health care and more. Jo will take the time to get to know you and your dog so that you receive the support and training you need. Sessions are held on a one-to-one basis in your home and local environment.

North Norfolk puppy & dog training by ProgDog.

Jo is proud to be recognised for outstanding results and satisfied clients. She has significant experience from training assistance dogs through to becoming a World Scent Detection Association Level 1 competition judge. Jo is a qualified and certified Puppy Lab Instructor and has trained with renowned trainers worldwide.

She can’t wait to meet you and your dog!

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